About Ashoka Textiles

Ashoka Textiles established in 2000 at Elampillai 20 years experience in this Textile Field we are importing the best quality yarn from best company for customers.We focus on the quality and we have all required quality check facilities and also we provide material for low cost.

Ashoka Textiles is a flexible supplier for enviroment friendly combed gas mercerised cotton and polyester yarn (first and pq).Working on any shade as per customers need. In order to remain competitive and also its commitment towards enviroment

We are committed in providing total customer satisfaction both external and internal with quality products and services conforming at all times to clearly established norms.


Company Overview

Committed to philanthropy and socio-environmental development, Ashoka textile is a multi-faceted organization, providing an array of products and services for textile and apparel industries. In more than its seven decades of establishment, the Group has created several benchmarks and established milestones for the forthcoming generations.


With a strong commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, our vision encompasses the following:

  • To be one of the most admired textile companies which follows and supports sustainable environmental friendly processes right from cotton cultivation to Product distribution; practices high level of integrity and fairness in dealing with all the stake holders.
  • To remain focused on developing Speciality and Technical products for safety and functional wear.
  • To remain focused on developing Speciality and Technical products for safety and functional wear.


With a strong commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, our Mission encompasses the following:

  • Our quest is to become the most admired group by all our stakeholders i.e., Customers, Employees, Share holders and Society at large.
  • We shall pursue world- class standards in our People, Products, Processes and Performance.
  • We seek quantum growth to lead in the International and domestic market and enhance our international presence by encouraging Innovation and Nurturing Intellectual Processing..


The in-house R & D centre is located in the factory premises at Salem in a separately demarcated area.The Main objectives of the R&D program are:

  • Development of new products
  • Development of new process for manufacture of the products
  • Development of new fabric out of fibres
  • Development of speciality fibres including anti microbial, anti static, heat resistant, flame retardant, and convert them to work wear garments for international Markets
  • Development of New fibre made yarn and to imply its usage in casuals and comfort wears
  • To optimize existing operating procedure
  • Development of new products to achieve cost and operational effectiveness
  • Changing of process parameters in the existing pattern and develop the best cost and quality effective parameter


Quality assurance is carefully imbibed in every process and is every employee’s obsession. It begins at the ginnery. Ashoka’s cotton selectors choose the gins from where Ashoka buys its cotton. The cotton is thoroughly tested using HVI instruments and issued for mixing, using a bale management system which ensures a narrow band of average yellowness and micronaire values.

Fully equipped quality control labs:

  • High volume cotton testing to ensure that every bale is tested. Ashoka’s own bale management system is followed while mixing different bales.
  • AFIS advanced fibre information system is used to get a clearer picture of the cotton and process slivers
  • Mesdon: For online measurement of neps at carding and cambers at all units
  • Yarn and sliver quality testing machines including fabric simulator with a software to identify the source of defect
  • Tensorapid: Single yarn strength testers to determine the RKM